2018 in Pictures

It is not an understatement to say that 2018 was a difficult year. Therefore I would rather focus on the beauty we found. Enjoy my year in pictures.

We start the year in Carmel.

Good morning worldIMG_3706.jpg

I love taking pictures of kids facing the vastness of the ocean


We saw a lot of wonderful  art in museumsIMG_3863.jpg

IMG_3860.jpgand in natureIMG_3939.jpgIn March we toured the Elkorn Slough, a watery wonderland.IMG_4040.jpegIMG_4081.jpg

In Seattle we wandered around Chihuly’s gardenIMG_4195.jpgIMG_4191.jpgIMG_4221.jpg

In April we returned home to snow.IMG_4308.jpg


June, We spent a week in Giverney, France at Monet’s Gardens. It was magical. See more about it at everyjourneytraveled.wordpress.com


July took us on a family trip to Big Sky Country, Montana.

The views were breathtaking from the deck of the house in Red LodgeIMG_6366.jpegIMG_6359.jpg

Activities were white water rafting. Go John!


Watching the Pig Races. Our pig #4 won!


Riding in the horse drawn carriage.


We left Red Lodge and drove over the Bear Tooth Pass to visit Yellowstone


IMG_6473.jpgSnow at the summit.IMG_6426.jpg

Our National Parks are gifts we must cherish.


We saw Bison


And Elk.



So tiring being admired by the visitors.


We walked past the hot springs.IMG_6520.jpeg

And lined up to watch the main event at Yellowstone Lodge.IMG_6541.jpg

Old Faithful erupting.


The rest of summer was spent enjoying our garden.



An walking at the Arboretum.IMG_6594.jpgIMG_6625.jpegIMG_6645.jpeg

Turin and Bologna are Italian cities that are not as well know as the big three. We have visited both and returned in October.

Turin has one of the best Egyptian museums in the world. A few of my favorite things.


Turin 2015 20.jpg

Turin 2015 22.jpg

Turin 2015 27.jpg

My favorite piece in the museum.


The food is as good as it looks.


Bologna was known as the city of towers and many of them remain.


This is a B&B.IMG_6791.jpg

And have I mentioned the food?


Speaking of food, we were lucky enough to take a tour to learn about how they make those great wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano. To tour the factory, we had to dress the part.

IMG_6805.jpegIMG_6815.jpegIMG_6818.jpegIMG_6820.jpegIMG_6824.jpegIMG_6828.jpegMissing some steps, but the next time you grate some cheese over your pasta remember where it comes from and how it was made/

On a previous trip to Turin we toured a car museum that showed many of Italy’s creations over the years. This trip we visited the Lamborghini showroom.


Oh, he actually started out making tractors.



IMG_6845.jpeg Most of them in the Ferrari Museum were indeed red.IMG_6839.jpeg He can dream can’t he?

My favorite.


December we returned to Carmel, CA. We walked on the paths and found an Egret in a tree


We found hummingbird webs in the hollow of the oak


We enjoyed dinner in a friends garden


And sunsets, one more beautiful than the other


This on the last day of 2018.


Here’s wishing the best of times around the world.

It was the end of the first day —-

January 1 2019 -day is done







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19 Responses to 2018 in Pictures

  1. mrsdoctormom says:

    Lovely photos.. what a great year!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jane Fisher says:

    Absolutely outstanding, Ann. The best ever! Loved it!

  3. Ross, Miriam Cecile says:

    Ann, this is just extraordinary. One of your best. Pure joy of beauty. Thank you for this great gift.



    Sent from my iPad

  4. Simply gorgeous! What great adventures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Maryann Weidt says:

    I’m placing Turin on my ‘must see’list. I was at Giverny in September and the gardens were spectacular. I’m thinking they employ round the clock gardeners. Lovely photos, Ann. They are full of heart and soul. Thank you.

    • Turin is a great city. Has interesting museums and good food and is not mobbed with tourists.Glad you saw Monet’s Gardens. Re read my blog post about the gardeners. John thanks you for your comment about the pictures.

  6. Marianne Roos says:

    I’m so glad you were able to enjoy Red Lodge among all you gorgeous travel destinations! Happy New Year to you both!

  7. Jane Sternberg says:

    Really enjoyed your pictures. Happy and Healthy New Year. Jane >

  8. Lyla Westrup says:

    Beautiful, breathtaking, wonderful memories. Thank you for always sharing, and for bringing some beauty and sunshine to me on a cold Minnesota day!

  9. Shari Davis says:

    Beautiful photos! I look forward to your travel blogs.

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