Waves and beaches in Carmel-by the Sea

IMG_1715It is already April and in Minnesota it is cloudy, rainy and chilly. So if anyone else longs for the ocean you can join me in enjoying these pictures we took in February.




I love the gray ghost in this one.




Beach artIMG_1832

Sunning on the white sand beach in winter.


Views of Pebble Beach and the golf course.



The ultimate wave


One afternoon while walking on the path with a friend from home, I looked down onto the beach and saw this beautiful family. We thought it looked like a shoot for magazine cover. On our way back on the path we bumped into the mother and the two boys coming up the stairs. Given the plusses of social media, we immediately texted the picture to her. Never got her name, will never see her again but will enjoy this image.  Now you too are part of that connection.


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2 Responses to Waves and beaches in Carmel-by the Sea

  1. Miriam Ross says:

    Just beautiful, Ann. Your final picture rests in my heart. Love to you and John.

  2. Becky King says:

    Beautiful photos 👍 Bec

    Sent from my iPhone


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