Winter in Carmel-by-the-Sea – Clouds, Birds and Nature

As we take small steps into spring we end our stay in Carmel. What we saw this winter  was the sky filled with clouds that looked like an artist’s sketch. We watched huge waves break on the shore, sucking the sandy beach back into the ocean. We noticed a myriad of birds in the trees in the back yard, in the sea and in the sky. We took so many pictures I will do two posts. In this one come journey with me and enjoy the clouds, birds and nature of winter in Carmel-by -the-Sea.

Clouds and water


This one with a Z



A fish?

IMG_1825Chain link and white streaks.

IMG_476303965                     A wisp in a blue sky.

DSC03680The artists sky at sunset.

There are always birds at the ocean, but this trip they seemed to perform for me. On a visit to Point Lobos state park we watched these hawks. They came so close I felt I could touch them.


IMG_1744IMG_1741IMG_1739This one was so close I put out my hand to him. Breathtaking.

On a rainy day the sea outside the Aquarium  was awash with birds.IMG_1717 One morning we were walking along the path below the houses on Ribera Road. We watched a blue Heron stalking its prey. Apparently when the sea is too rough they come on land to catch small animals.



A few days later we watched an Egret swallow a mouse whole. We could see it working its way down the long throat of the beautiful bird.


One afternoon we dropped of laundry at the shopping center. I watched this gull pecking at the window of New York Life office.IMG_1779As I watched I saw the window open and he was fed.


So help me when we went to pick up our laundry I saw that he had brought a friend.

IMG_1791On a walk along Carmel Point I spotted this bird sitting stock still on the cliffs below one of the houses. Couldn’t get any closer and don’t know what it is, but I added it to my collection.IMG_1772I posted my favorite bird, the Pelican in my previous post but here I go again.


And on a different day.


Don’t even think of going past me.


Crows are everywhere. This is in a tree in a shopping center parking lot.

Crows in tree

These seabirds are on Carmel Beach. A little boy watched them flying, circling and landing and said, “Look at all the chickens”

IMG_2162The bird sanctuary is created by the Carmel River and part of Carmel River Beach. One afternoon we were walking along the beach and suddenly there was a flash mob. It starts with a few, like flash mobs do and then they were wheeling and flying all around us. All the dots are birds.

Flash mob birds

To change a quote from the movie, Love Actually – “Nature is all around us”. Of course the clouds and the birds and the beach all fit into the nature category, but I also discovered smaller examples.

This tree is on Scenic Ave.IMG_1628I have called this the Elf House. I would love to put a wooden door on it but would probably have to get a permit from the Carmel planning commission!

IMG_1763A tree heart

IMG_1844Art on the beach

IMG_1722The painted beach

IMG_1833Our back yard has about five California Live Oaks.

IMG_2186Steven Colbert has a segment on the late show where he pretends to lie under the starry sky and pose philosophical questions to his guest. When I lie on my recliner under the oaks I ponder what makes them grow such twisted winding branches.

DSC03696Spiders are the artists of the insect world.

IMG_476305952IMG_476305978Sitting on my patio I noticed something staring at me from the trunk of the oak tree. Nature took bark, spider web and a leaf and created this three and a half inch face. It has been there our entire stay.

IMG_2174And so we bid farewell to Carmel-by-the-sea.

Sunset 1




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4 Responses to Winter in Carmel-by-the-Sea – Clouds, Birds and Nature

  1. Geneva Sorum says:

    Ann, You are so talented at finding great shots! These are truly special. Thank you for sharing. Geneva

  2. Jane Sternberg says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Mary Donlon says:

    Wonderful – you remind me to stop and look around at nature. The pelican pictures are my favorite!

  4. This is a comment I received from a friend that did not get posted on my blog. Thank you John S and look forward to seeing you in Carmel

    I have to say I had chills – running down my spine when I saw the pictures in your post. They are absolutely inspiring about life. Life is so wonderful and we get so caught up in the daily grind that it takes an effort by an artist or author to show us how wonderful life and people and nature really are – and its all around us.

    Thank you Ann​

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