Sights on the Monterey Peninsula

Happy 2016. I am lucky enough to spend the end of each year in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. Here are some of the sights I have enjoyed.

For the first time in four years there were storms and the sea turned rough and covered the beachIMG_1624


One morning we we went for our usual walk on Scenic Drive to find it closed to traffic. A huge cement mixer stood in the middle of the road, pouring cement into the foundation of a new house.


Because there were no cars parked on the side of the road we saw these beautiful patterns made by trees, sand and sky.IMG_1625



On a Saturday afternoon we drove south to Big Sur to the art studio of Erin Gafill. A world renowned painter, she was having artists do demonstrations. We watched Lilli-Anne Price copy a photo of Point Lobos.


She paints in oils using a palette knife. It is beautiful.


We watched Erin do a twenty minute demo.


This still life


became this painting. All in twenty minutes. Magic.


On Christmas morning we woke to wet empty streets And a wonderful quiet.



That was not the case later in the morning when we went for our walk. Scenic was crowded so we headed in the opposite direction towards Pebble Beach. There was a new trail that lead to a boardwalk and steps to the beach.



I love clouds and on that day they were magical.




On a walk in Pacific Grove we met my favorite bird, the Pelican. It was close enough to touch.


Looks like Pelican and gull are having a chat.


He turned to us. What are you looking at, he seemed to ask.


After he posed to show off all his beauty, with a flutter of wings he flew off.

Sunset on the beach.DSC03680


With these pictures of nature’s beauty, I wish you all Peace on Earth.





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21 Responses to Sights on the Monterey Peninsula

  1. Lovey pictures and art. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Maryann Weidt says:

    Ann: How lovely. I feel as I’ve been on a stroll with you. I loved seeing how the artist turned real life into a work of art. And that pelican…what attitude.
    Thank you and a blessed New Year to you and John.

  3. Loreen Silverman says:

    Wishing you and John a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  4. Ross, Miriam Cecile says:

    Ann, your photos are outstanding. Thanks for sharing them. Again you bring me there. I think your last three are my favorite, but they all are arresting. And Peace to you, John and the family.

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Jill Shipley says:

    Hello Ann! Taking this walk through your eyes has been a life-giving start to my day. We have a home full of people right now, and I can hear our guests talking and working in the kitchen. I should be there with them; instead, I decided to take a few minutes ‘for me’ catching up on emails. Your beautiful story was the first I read and now I feel re-energized and ready to join them with a heart full of wonder for the beauty of the earth and full of thanks for you, my friend, for helping me see and appreciate it all. Happy Day and Happy New Year to you & John!

  6. Big Sur my special place.Always. Thank you for the pelican, thank you for the sunsets and thank you for the eyes and beak of the owl cloud.

  7. Carol Green says:

    Ann, thank you for sharing this post. Carmel, Pacific Grove, and the Hearst Castle are on my bucket list, hopefully in 2016. You have reminded me why I want to travel there. Carol

  8. Jane says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the different shades of blue anD grey!

  9. Mary Luke says:

    What a wonderful gift–every photo and each comment were beautiful! Thank you for sharing this gift. Your appreciation of life–from sky and clouds to a friendly pelican–blessed us too. I felt I was walking with you. Special new year peace to you and John. Love, Mary Luke

  10. Cindy Mayeron says:

    To dwell with you in the midst of nature via your beautiful pictures is a gift of serenity. Thank you for caring to share these special moments. May you and John enjoy the days of 2016 in peace and good health.

  11. Heidi Gilbert says:

    finally I am catching up on my email! Loved your pictures. Now I have a sense of where you are in the Winter. Thank you for including us in your “list.”
    Wishing you and John a Happy New Year filled with adventures and peace.
    Hugs from our Florida home to your California home.

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