I have visited Venice over the years and instead of finding something new each time, I find it is unchangeable. I find the same beauty in the changing light on the water and the buildings. In the narrow winding calle (streets) with small bridges that cross the canals. I love the feel of gliding on the water in a Vaporetto and the bouncing on the water in a water taxi in the Lagoon. Around every corner is a view. It may be the curve of the ochre colored building, or the fourth floor balcony with a profusion of blooms. It may be the masks in the store window next to marbled washed paper, or a group of children throwing a basketball against an ancient brick, church wall.

I love Venice in the winter. I love the foggy cold and the early darkness to be enjoyed with a hot chocolate in hand. I was surprised that I loved it equally in summer. The light is brighter the crowds larger but it is still the same familiar place.

This is just a taste of Venice. There is so much to see and do. Perhaps I will publish a small guide book in the future of the other places I have visited on this magical collection of islands. For now, join me on this short trip.

This is Saint Mark’s square in June. Sun shining and crowds of people


St Mark’s is a beautiful Byzantine church covered with mosaics inside and out. It is next to the Doge’s Palace which has a wonderful art collection



St Mark's

St Mark’s

The Doge's Palace

The Doge’s Palace

The bell tower

The bell tower


Here are views of Venice



TheBridge of Sighs called that as it was where the prisoners crossed the canal to go to prison.




Enjoying a gelato treat after touring art exhibits in the Palazzo’s for the Biennial.

DSC02971Beautiful windows






Below, the Santa Maria Della Salute is my favorite building in Venice. It was built in gratitude for the end of the plague, the Black Death. Every year the gondolas would line up to form a bridge for the people to cross the Lagoon to go and pray in the church. Now they construct a swinging bridge for people to make the thanksgiving pilgrimage. We walked around it one foggy, winter evening a few years ago. Magical.


All transportation is on the water.

Take a water taxi

Take a water taxi

or a gondola

or a gondola

The Vaporettas (water buses) glide from bank to bank of the Grand Canal

The Vaporettas (water buses) glide from bank to bank of the Grand Canal


Sit inside or stand on the deck as the Vaporetta glides in the water of the Grand Canal. Very relaxing

Sit inside or stand on the deck as the Vaporetta glides in the water of the Grand Canal. Very relaxing



Peggy Guggenheim Museum. She spent most of her adult life in this palazzo now with a fabulous collection of her art.


Beautiful buildings

Flowers everywhere

Flowers everywhere

This one is an office building across the canal from the Guggenheim museum. Those boats in front are taxis. I watched as a man in a suit got out and went into the building. Imagine working with that view in front of you everyday.




Bridges like this Calatrava, the newest one




Travelers perusing maps and books but not cell phones!


Sunset from a roof top restaurant

Sunset from a roof top restaurant



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8 Responses to Venice

  1. Maryann Weidt says:

    Ann: I visited Venice this past April for the first time. I was enthralled and very pleased with the Road Scholar tour leaders. Other parts of Italy you’d recommend? Thanks for posting this.

  2. Mary Beth Chapel says:

    Beautiful Photos and Explanations Ann. Thank you for your time and skill in presenting and blogging on your wonderful travels. Please keep it up – Okay? Mary Beth

  3. rosannebane says:

    Wonderful post. I just added Venice to my list of cities to see when I retire. Loved the picture of you with the gelato!

  4. Thanks Rosanne. Our Italian friend bought us that particular gelato because it is the best in Venice. So she said. It was wonderful on a steamy day.

  5. jeannefrost says:

    Thank you Ann for the wonderful pictures! I felt like I had taken a little trip with you both! Looking forward to more… Jeannie

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