It’s a Dog’s Life in Carmel by the Sea

I remember the family dogs of my youth, in the small town of Messina, South Africa. They all lived outside, where they ran around and got all the exercise they needed. They were well fed, received rabies shots, got into fights with neighborhood dogs and were simply part of the family.

I would have liked a dog in Minneapolis, so my kids could experience having one as a pet. But the fact that I would have to walk it in the snow, put the kibosh on that plan. Since spending time in Carmel by the Sea I can see and enjoy dogs, everywhere I go and I mean everywhere.

Carmel Beach is one of the few beaches in California that allows dogs to be off leash and they love it.

Dogs in sea

Carmel Beach

They catch tennis balls and frisbees

Dog catching frisbee

They are puzzled when humans pretend to be dogs.

Children crawling 2

Like humans they work up a thirst after running all over the beach and in the water, so they rehydrate at the water bowl at the top of the stairs.

Dog dish at the top of the beach stairs

Dog dish at the top of the beach stairs

After a busy day at the beach they go to the dog spa

Dog washing sign

where they are washed, rinsed and dried.

Dog washing 2

Dogs wander around town with their humans and snack on dog biscuits or quench their thirst at local merchants like this one

TiffanysDogs dish

They even have their own fountain, which is a good thing.

Fountain of Woof

Many hotels and Inns in Carmel by the Sea cater to dogs. Doris Day, the beloved movie star of the romantic comedies of the 1960’s, lives in Carmel Valley and is the owner of the Cypress Inn.

Cypress Inn

Doris is devoted to animals and loves dogs. They can, with their humans, eat, sleep and play at the Inn. They can even have birthday parties.

Dogs at table Cypress Inn

Two dogs in their Christmas collars waiting for lunch

I do not have to own a dog at home in Minnesota. I can get my fill when I spend time in Carmel by the Sea.





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6 Responses to It’s a Dog’s Life in Carmel by the Sea

  1. says:

    Ann, this is delightful! If you hadn’t posted pictures I wouldn’t have believed it. Love, Miriam

  2. Susan Conrad says:

    I couldn’t resist…we are a super cooper dog loving family. Our Birkie will be 15 this summer. He and my older grand dog are both German Shorthairs, Kristi’s (your yoga instructor, photo is my son and two grandchildren) puppy is an adorable Pudel Pointer (not a designer dog, a very old breed, German Pudel and English Pointer bred in the early 1800’s). Here are all two photos: Birkie and Fischer, then Herald or Hery as the kids call him.

  3. Becky says:

    yes…we know the world of DOGS….. enjoy everyone elses at Carmel by the Sea…. Hugs to you and John….

  4. Becky says:

    You captured life for dogs in Carmel. They are definitely higher up the totem pole than children, as far as Carmel-by-the-Sea is concerned, but it is fun to see the dogs frolic at the beach.

  5. DAVID C-NANCY says:

    I will forward this to Jill. She will love it. Nice job, Ann.

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Mary Donlon says:

    Looks like a lovely life for these Carmel dogs!!

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