Alaska- Part Three – Cruising the Glaciers.


The Catamaran we sailed on in Prince William Sound

The Catamaran we sailed on in Prince William Sound

I don’t do boats. So the idea of spending five hours on a boat or ship or catamaran in the rain, even to see glaciers, seemed to be a no go. Especially as it took a two-hour bus ride there and back. But, I had paid my money and I did want to see glaciers, and they offered a money back guaranty if I got seasick.

We drove along Cook’s Inlet, the river and the ocean on one side and fields and mountains on the other.Permafrost

It was foggy and rainy but still beautiful with the mudflats exposed during low tide, and the orange grasses and evergreens shining through the mist.

Permafrost 3

We had to leave at 10 am sharp because the bus driver had a set time to go through the tunnel that connects to Whittier. The 2.5 mile tunnel, the longest in the country, was built for trains which were, and still are, a major form of transportation. Trains, busses and cars drive through the tunnel with trains taking priority. It is one lane and traffic is organized by traffic lights. Hence the reservation time for our bus. It was a slow and slightly bumpy ride through this narrow hole through the mountain.

Whittier is a cruise-ship port and Port William Sound is situated in a rain forest and that is why there are beautiful glaciers. The guide on board explained that viewing them was better in the rain because they glowed blue. As you can see from the pictures, she was right. It starts small and then grows.

Glacier 1 Glacier 15

It was a wonderful trip. The catamaran glided through the water and even when it bumped into small ice flows it remained stable.

Glacier 6 (1)

We sat around large tables and looked through picture windows. We snacked and kept warm drinking coffee and hot chocolate. We gathered on the decks in the rain and saw   Glacier 9waterfalls, eagles, seals, forested mountains and glaciers reaching into the water.





We were lucky to see them up close and personal. Enjoy the view with us.

Glacier 11Glacier 17Glacier 18

Worth the ride

Worth the ride

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