The Oohs and Aahs of Autumn


One of my biggest surprises when I moved from South Africa to Boston, Mass was autumn or fall as it is know in the US. I was amazed at the color of the foliage. South Africa has beautiful flowers and trees. My mother planted our garden with roses, bird of paradise and many others. Hedges of Bougainvillea, red, pink and purple surrounded our house. Huge flamboyant trees, so named for their beautiful red flowers, grew in our garden and on the sides of the town’s streets. At boarding school I walked along avenues of Jacaranda with purple blossoms in the spring.


I have spent many years in Minnesota and every year I enjoy the colors. This year Minnesota is awash in red, orange, yellow and green. Yes, many of the trees are still green even in the middle of October. There is really nothing that makes one feel as good as a blue sky, sunshine and colored leaves waving and sparkling.








We are lucky to have the wonderful MinnesotaLandscape Arboretum a ten minute drive from home.  I make many trips throughout the year to walk, sit and write amidst its beauty. Every fall the staff and volunteers construct scarecrows and show pumpkins and flowers. Come with me to walk along the Scarecrow Promenade.


Mr Pumpkin Head

Mr Pumpkin Head






Ooh Deer



Growing succulents

Growing succulents




Hula Hannah

Hula Hannah




Butterfly Betty

Butterfly Betty


Way to Grow



Arboretum Farmer

Arboretum Farmer

And my favorite

Pumpkin Davidson

Pumpkin Davidson

I can watch the changing of the season from my windows. This from the kitchen

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple


And this from my couch. Happy Halloween and a color-filled fall.






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4 Responses to The Oohs and Aahs of Autumn

  1. Loreen silverman says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. One needs to take time out to enjoy the beauty around us. In our busy schedules, we often forget to stop and smell the roses. Thank you for reminding us.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Loreen Silverman

  2. Ross, Miriam Cecile says:

    Ann, this is lovely. As was our weekend at HOP. The outdoors was breathtaking, and so was the writing. We missed you. I’ve asked Susan to confirm our first weekend of May at HOP. We found it to be a happy home for us, at great savings.

    Much love to you and the family,


    Sent from my iPad

  3. DAVID C-NANCY says:

    Great photos Ann.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Mary says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing. This autumn has been pretty spectacular, especially when we have those crystal blue skies!

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