“Where’s Ocean?” – That is the question in Carmel by the Sea.

A few days ago we were taking a walk on a path along Scenic Avenue in Carmel CA.


It is called Scenic because of this view


Two Japanese tourists walked towards us, stopped and the man asked, “Where Ocean?” If I were drawing a cartoon it would show my brain doing a somersault and trying to understand the question. We gazed at him puzzled.

In less than a minute he and his wife burst out laughing and said, “Where is Ocean Avenue? We walked down it and then along the beach and got lost.” We pointed ahead to Ocean Avenue and parted, still chuckling. Ocean Ave runs down the hill from Highway 1 through Carmel by the Sea and lands up on the beach.

Scenic Ave runs along the white sands


and rocks of Carmel Bay.



If one tires of looking at the ocean view, look across the road at the beautiful homes and gardens.








This is the Butterfly House, one of only four houses between the road and the Ocean.


We end our day with this view from Scenic Ave in Carmel by the Sea.




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3 Responses to “Where’s Ocean?” – That is the question in Carmel by the Sea.

  1. Mross@ssndcp.org says:

    Ann, I love this! I can Just hear the question. You bring me back to beautiful memories. Thank you! Love, Miriam

  2. jogra says:

    You always have good stories that happen to you. Great photographs too.

    Hope all is well there in paradise. JoAnn

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Mary says:

    Wonderful pictures and story, Ann! I’m so envious! 🙂

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