Everything is a Journey – The Cover

So many of you have commented on the cover picture of my chapbook, Everything is a Journey that I will explain how it came about. A few years ago I was in Japan and toured a Buddhist Temple in the mountains of Kyoto. The gardens were gorgeous. I was with a group and while exploring the grounds we came across a lake with stepping stones amongst the water lilies. It was a very hot September day and after I crossed I turned to photograph this woman who was dressed for the weather, dancing across the steppers.

Japan steppers(3)

My chapbook was printed by Create Space and when I was looking for a picture for the cover I remembered the one with the stepping stones. I uploaded the picture to their cover and voila, this is the finished product. I was thrilled because it expresses exactly what I write about. All one sees are the feet dancing across the steppers and everything is a journey.


To buy a copy of the chapbook go to http://www.createspace.com/4672953

I was recently interviewed for our hometown weekly newspaper.  The Three Q’s

Click this link to read it.


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One Response to Everything is a Journey – The Cover

  1. Alan Shavit-Lonstein says:

    Very nice!

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