Aah, Yes, Summer!

In homage to summer, this post is about light, color and warmth. It is about pictures rather than words. It is about the beauty of my garden, my state, my country, with Canada thrown in. So sit back and enjoy the beauty of this season, called summer.

The winter that seemed never ending, finally gave up the ghost and summer has been beautiful. This is my back yard in my “Oh, No, Snow!” post and my back yard this summer.

Snowy  garden

Snowy garden

Summer garden

Summer garden













In July we travelled to the Northwest and explored gardens, mountains and waters. In Seattle, WA we visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass Center. The glass inside the museum was beautiful, but the pieces scattered around the garden looked like they too grew from the ground.

Chihuly Glass

Chihuly Glass


Early one morning as I drank my coffee on the porch of my cousins’ home, I glanced up and saw a mirage. The outline of a mountain seemed to emerge through the wispy fog. It was Mount Rainer and of course it had been there all along. I had just not noticed it. Later that morning we drove to the Mount Rainer Park and spent hours exploring.

Mount Ranier

Mount Rainier

Ancient tree in the Patriarch Grove of Mt Rainier.

Ancient tree in the Patriarch Grove of Mt Rainier.

We spent four days in Vancouver, Canada and were fortunate enough to have a room overlooking the harbor, mountains and Stanley Park. I think that all cities built on water are stunning. Vancouver follows that rule.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC  

Early one morning we boarded the Rocky Mountaineer, for Whistler. Although a ski resort of Olympic fame, it is equally fabulous in summer. I spent the train ride photographing the scenery through the large picture windows.

The painting outside my train window.

The painting outside my train window.


We had four hours in Whistler which gave us time for a very hurried lunch, a gondola ride from peak to peak and a visit the First Nation Museum.

Whistler Mt to Blackcomb Mt

Whistler Mt to Blackcomb Mt


We took a ferry to Victoria and walked along the waterfront. We strolled down the little street of the floating houseboat village.


After a tour of Butchart Gardens, I think they should be the eighth wonder of the world. I have never seen flowers and plants like that. Neither words nor pictures can describe them but here are a few we took.

Hanging basket

Hanging basket



In August we went from the oceans and mountains to the inland sea, Lake Superior. We spent three days in Duluth, MN. Our room was next to the famous Lift Bridge. We sat on our balcony and watched the huge iron ore boats pass under the bridge. We waved at the sailors on the tall sailboats. We walked the shore and dipped our toes in the freezing water.


I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial post. Check back in the next few months for more detailed articles on the places mentioned here.

As I write this it is 90 degrees in the Twin Cities. Just in time for the MN State Fair. Duluth will break a record with the heat index hitting 105 degrees.


Aah, yes, summer!

Text and photos © to Ann Lonstein

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5 Responses to Aah, Yes, Summer!

  1. Susan Conrad says:

    I especially love the painting framed in your train window. Ann, thanks so much for including me in your insightful travels.

  2. Jill Shipley says:

    To everything there is a season. . .and to every season there is a beauty. I love seeing the world’s beauty through your eyes! Your posts always remind me to live and treasure each and every moment.

  3. annlinnea says:

    Dear Ann,

    You were in our neck of the woods! It would have been really fun to see youmaybe next time. Lovely photos in this blog, Love, Ann Ann Linnea 360-331-3580 http://www.peerspirit.com

  4. Lisa S. says:

    Wonderful pictures, Ann. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  5. Ross, Miriam Cecile says:

    This is lovely, Ann. I await more descriptive text in the weeks and months ahead. Love, Miriam


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