Oh! No! Snow! – Part Two

Today is May 1st and the Weather Channel app on my I-Pad has a Winter Storm Warning. Really! Over the next twenty-four hours Minnesota will get 6 to 9 inches of snow.

I left home and drove in rain, sleet and a few flakes to my doctor’s appointment. When I approached the desk the receptionist greeted me, “Hi Ann, how are you? I responded, “I’m mad!” “So am I,” she said. “It’s my birthday on Friday and I am having a party outside and I don’t want snow.”


Wow, I thought, this never ending winter means that we Minnesotan’s now talk in shorthand. I did not have to explain what I was mad about. She knew immediately and so did the others at and around the desk.

Oh, No, Snow!

This has really been the winter that seems endless. Oh wait; we did have four days of summer – Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We really enjoyed them. We sat on our porch. We grilled steaks. We heard and saw cardinals calling to each other and watched blue jays pecking for worms. We noticed the budding trees and also that our Arborvitae that had split down the middle into four trees.


We walked around Starring Lake wearing short-sleeved tops and no jackets. We called our garden shop and asked Dean to come and talk about re-doing the courtyard garden. We basked in the warmth and the light.


Oh, No Snow!

I am an optimist and can always see the bright side. I can write that at least we are not having devastating floods. I can write that at least we have not had the snows and storms that the East received. I can write that the drought is over. But I do not want to have to justify anything. It is May 1st and there is a winter storm warning!


Oh, No, Snow!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and as I stood frowning at the bulk jars of beans, trying to figure out if chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same thing, I heard a soft voice saying, “How are you?” I turned and said to this very elegant African-American woman, “I am mad.” Not batting an eyelid she said, “I thought you were, what is wrong.” I laughed and said that I was fine but mad about the snow. She asked if I had a garden and told me to go home and listen to the garden sing, in gratitude for the rain. It was as is a little elf had wandered into the store.

Oh, No, Snow!

I got home just as the rain turned to snow. The flakes were big and fluffy. Sighing, I turned the heat back on. I put the comforter back on the bed. I changed into my pink and red polka dot, sweats.


I took the chicken out of the fridge to prepare a warm meal, rather than a salad. I refuse to make soup, my usual snow meal. It is May 1st after all. I worried about the commute the next morning and wondered how deep the snow would be. In fact I returned to winter.

Oh, No, Snow

I did go out onto my porch to listen to the garden sing. I noticed that the grass was greener. That there were more buds on the trees. I also noticed a mama deer relaxing at the bottom of our garden.

Deer in the garden

Oh! Yea! No! Snow!

May 2nd and the ground is dry. Not one flake in my part of the world. As I write this, the sky is turning blue and maybe, just maybe, winter is being replaced by spring. I really hope there is not an Oh, No, Snow, – part three.



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3 Responses to Oh! No! Snow! – Part Two

  1. Ross, Miriam Cecile says:

    Ann, this is wonderful, and I’m so glad I am down here with rain and cold, but not snow. I think I would cry! I LOVE your photos. They are magnificent, and a beautiful compliment of your text. So were you one of the lucky ones that ended up with not that much snow??


  2. Loreen silverman says:

    I love the comment about the garden and enjoying what we have. We return to Mn tomorrow after a glorious spring in Az. It better not snow.

  3. Maryann says:

    Thank you, Ann. It is Friday morning and where I am, at the Library in Plymouth, MN, it is snowing. I noticed yesterday, at my apartment building, that the gardeners had prepared the earth and they’re ready to garden. And those of us who bicycle are researching various brands and thinking about buying a new bike. So when the glorious days arrive–and they will–we’ll be ready.

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