Oh No! Snow!

Oh No! Snow!

These three words popped into my head when I was driving to exercise class, as the raindrops turned into very small flakes, more like freezing rain. The radio announcer said that the temperature had dropped a degree to 38 F.

Oh No! Snow!

I was driving the exact same stretch of road ten years ago today, when I heard the announcement on the radio. CNN were reporting that Senator Wellstone’s plane was lost in Northern Minnesota. It was not snowing in the Twin Cities but it was a dreary October day, with rain and sleet up North.

So began a dreadful weekend when we learned that all aboard the plane carrying the Senator, his wife, daughter, staff members and the pilots had perished at the crash. They had been on their way to a funeral and then to a debate in Duluth. Paul was fighting a re- election bid. Was that the beginning of this hateful, discordant, nasty, lying, method of elections we are faced with this year?

Oh No! Snow!

Whenever we get the first snow I retreat to my loft writing room. It is a square room with half-walls of windows. So, no matter the weather it is always bright with light. Earlier this week on a 70-degree day, I watched flocks of birds darting from tree to tree. They loved the crabapple with its red berries. They pecked at the branches of the pines looking for insects. They swooped among the orange and red leaves. I paid attention because I knew the seasons were changing and soon I would see as I do today, leafless branches dripping with water.

Oh No! Snow

Another tradition is to make soup for supper. Today it will not be my usual big pot of chicken soup, flavored with cinnamon. After all, this is not a snowfall of measurable amounts. The flakes disappear almost as soon as they touch the ground. This will be a small pot of whatever I have in the fridge. It will be warm on this cool day.

Oh No! Snow!

Just before I drove into my garage I noticed a single pink petunia, bravely blooming amongst the stalks covered with seeds of the Black-Eyed-Susan. Of course if I were a believer in signs I would think it was telling me the following.  We bloom where we are planted. We can be late bloomers. Even when things die we remember their beauty.

Oh No! Snow!

As I think of Paul and Sheila and the others, I remember them and all they achieved. I think of all the people they inspired to carry on their legacy. I watch the droplets on my window and think of the biblical passage; “To everything there is a season”

In two weeks the election will be over and maybe the good guys will win. The snow is a little early, but will not stay and sunshine is predicted for the next few days.

Oh Yea! Snow.

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3 Responses to Oh No! Snow!

  1. What a lovely reflection. Thanks for your wisdom, Ann!

  2. Laura Cohen says:

    Indeed a sad day for Minnesotan’s 10 years ago…..I was in Florida at a conference when I heard the news. Many people from other States expressed their sympathy and concern for losing such a impactiful political family to a tradgedy. Your words so elequently express that saddness and remembering of the Wellstone’s. Thank you Ann!

  3. Heller Bonnie says:

    very nice..many thanks!

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