Safari at the Pilanesberg Game Park – Part three

There were twelve of us on what we called Big Trip 2012 – South Africa. There were seventeen of us on the safari. I think between us we had at least five cameras. We also had some very trigger-happy shooters. So we landed up with thousands of pictures. This is nothing new.

John has always loved photography and he takes great pictures. Over the years he has taken black and white and color. In our basement we have files full of slides that document our early married life, our children when young and our trips.

I remember on a trip back to South Africa in the early years of living in the US we excitedly showed family and friends our pictures. My father was embarrassed because he felt we were boring our guests. That did not stop us and over the years we have had many slide show parties of our travels. Most people enjoyed them, or so they said.

Now we have digital pictures stored on the computer and we have a new way to share, on blogs. However I hear the echo of my father’s voice, so I will just share a tiny number of the many we took.

I have already posted buck, but these are so beautiful they should be shared again.

The park belongs to the animals and the humans wait. First the wildebeest

then the rhino

and here come the Zebras.

We all fit into our own element. Hippos are ungainly on the ground

and beautiful in their element- water.

The giraffe is so beautiful

and the warthog so ugly.

Kwa Maritane, the lodge we stayed in was fenced to keep the animals out. But no one told the baboons. They climbed trees and dropped over the fence and checked out the pool area. They were quickly frightened away by a man bearing a shotgun and firing blanks. We did enjoy the baboon families at the water hole below the deck.

We saw many elephant families.

But the best view was from the Lodge Hide. There was a TV channel that we could watch while in the room, of the animals at the waterhole. One evening my grandson glanced up and saw an elephant drinking. He and his father dashed from their room to the tunnel under the restaurant that leads to a viewing room right next to the water. This is what they saw.

Before we emigrated John and I visited a game park. We drove our blue Mini around the park and were fortunate enough to see lion. When I say see lion I mean four of them that were so close I could have stroked them. Instead I kept my window shut and the car off, while they strolled past.

This trip most of us saw one lion in the distance. But the group that went out the first afternoon managed to see this cat being playful.

Our stay at Kwa Maritane is a time we will never forget. The animals, the beauty of the countryside and the people, gave our group a taste of foreign travel that was priceless.

If You Go 

Although there are many game parks in South Africa to choose from we chose Pilanesberg and Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge because it is only a two hour drive from Johannesburg.

Go to to learn about them and other lodges. It is a ten minute drive from Sun City, the Las Vegas of South Africa.

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3 Responses to Safari at the Pilanesberg Game Park – Part three

  1. Jane Sternberg says:

    Beautiful pictures. Jane

  2. Ann,

    Thanks for sending me your posts.  What a fabulous family experience.  I love the pictures.  They help me understand South Africa better.  We hope to hear more about your trip when you return.



  3. Lisa says:

    Loved reading your blog posts and looking at the photos. The rhinos crossing the road were my favorite. – Lisa S.

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